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Photo by: Ryan Rogulich


Sunday, September 21, 9 and 11 am

“Trusting the Promise”

The poet John O’Donohue exhorts:  “Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning
that is at one with your life’s desire.”  How can we trust—and fulfill—the promise that the world offers us?  What promises do we make to ourselves as we risk stepping onto new ground? Rev. Connnie Grant speaking

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Sunday, September 21, 9:30am
Is Human Evolution Continuing?

Evolutionary psychologists by and large accept the idea that we human beings are adapted to the foraging societies of the Pleistocene but not to any of the environments we have inhabited since the origin of agriculture 10,000 years ago. A familiar claim is that ten thousand years is not enough time for evolution to occur. Marlene Zuk’s book “Paleofantasies” amasses a large amount of evidence to dispute this. Her claim is that evolution can occur in a few generations; we carry many adaptations to recent phenomena like eating wheat or resisting smallpox. All of these occurred in more recent centuries. Concurring themes are outlined as well in Matt Ridley’s very recent book “A Troublesome Inheritance.” Discussion Leaders: Bill Irons and Scot Campbell.

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