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UCE Choir
the sanctuary at UCE during the daytime

Photo Credit: David Linsell

the sign outside UCE

Photo Credit: David Linsell

service is our

Photo by: Ryan Rogulich


Photo by: Ryan Rogulich


Sunday, October 19, 9 and 11 am

“Things Fall Apart” 

In a world that seems to be ripping at the seams, how do we maintain a disposition of forgiveness amidst age-old angers and wrongs? Rev. Bret Lortie speaking.

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Sunday, October 19, 9:30am
Ebola: who lives and who dies

The outbreak of Ebola in several countries of West Africa has taken over 1000 lives. However, a few Americans were given a new experimental treatment and lived. This crisis is raising many questions of medical ethics and of drug testing. Discussion Leader: Brenda Russell Cooksey

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