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UCE Choir
the sanctuary at UCE during the daytime

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the sign outside UCE

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service is our

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Photo by: Ryan Rogulich

Black Lives Matter 2015

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Sunday, October 11, 9:15 and 11:00am
“Changing the World”

In our world today there is so much brokenness and so much hope. How will we mend the brokenness and realize the hope? Rev. Connie Grant speaking.

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Sunday, October 11, 9:30am
“The Race Gets REAL Workshop and Next Steps”

We are at a critical point regarding race at UCE, in our Unitarian Universalist denomination, in Evanston, and in our nation. The Black Lives Matter call for police accountability and the vitriolic backlash against it have led many of us to challenge ourselves to learn more. This weekend’s Race Gets REAL workshop is a cornerstone for work that will continue at the church in the coming year. Three persons who attended the workshop will give their insights and impressions of it. They will discuss the goals of the workshop, its relevance to UCE, and their thoughts about next steps. Moderated by Julia Takarada

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