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UCE Choir
the sanctuary at UCE during the daytime

Photo Credit: David Linsell

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Photo Credit: David Linsell

service is our

Photo by: Ryan Rogulich


Photo by: Ryan Rogulich


Sunday, March 1, 9 and 11am
“Skating to Where the Puck Will Be”

When asked by a reporter how he seems to always know where the puck is, Gretsky countered by saying it’s not at all about knowing where the puck is; it’s about knowing where the puck is going to be. As we consider how we will be good stewards of this congregation, it’s a helpful metaphor to consider. Where is this church going to be? Rev. Bret Lortie speaking.

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Sunday, March 1, 9:30am

People lie all the time. It has been said that society or personal relationships could not function without lying. Is it morally permissible to lie? Or a societal necessity? Why do people lie? Discussion Leader: Dick Whitaker

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Pledge Drive Kick Off – after the 9 and 11am services


Join us Sunday, March 1 after the 9am service for kickoff cake and goodies! Join us after the 11am service for an all-ages Treasure Hunt and lunch! Teams will search around UCE to discover some of the many wonderful ways we celebrate and demonstrate our VALUES IN ACTION. No need to come with a team — we’ll assign you to one!The Hunt will culminate with hot cocoa and a soup/chili/salad lunch provided by our Social Action Teams.



UCE’s Got Talent
Saturday, February 28; 6:30-9pm

Experience the talents of UCE members and friends on Saturday, February 28, 6:30 – 9:00 pm. This fun event is sponsored by our Journeys students and mentors as a fundraiser for their Boston trip. Tickets will be available in February at the advance rate of $12 for adults (age 12 and up); $6 for children (age 5-11); maximum $30 for families.

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