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Tuesday, April 15

Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth – Continues Tuesdays,  April 15 and 22 at 7pm - Facilitated by Brian Nielsen

Friday, April 18

Passover Seder – Friday, April 18 at 6:30pm – $5 for Adults, $3 for children, $15 max for families. RSVP and pay in advance at the UCE office. Contact Maureen Richnak with questions – mrichnak@sbcglobal.net




Sunday, April 20, 9 am and 11 am


The story of Easter is not only about creation, but of resurrection, of emergence from darkness, of finding a way out of the confusion. The Christian story teaches us that we must venture out of the tombs of our making and search for life and new direction. Rev. Bret Lortie speaking.

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Summer service hours:  June 8 through August 31 – One service at 10:00 a.m.


Hunting for Canned Goods! Easter fun for children

On Easter Sunday, April 20, children from pre-K through sixth grade are invited to participate in a “canned goods hunt” at 10:15 am (between the 9:00 and 11:00 religious education sessions). Children will hunt for the hidden cans and then trade in the cans they find for a small bag of toys and treats. Our senior high youth will organize the event and assist children in the cooperative “hunt,” and the canned goods will be donated to Hilda’s Place.

Easter Potluck Brunch

Everyone is invited to bring a food item to share for Easter Brunch, Sunday April 20, after our worship service. Easter ham will be provided, and the rest of the menu will be determined by what you bring to this “true potluck.” Egg casserole, fruit salad, breakfast bread, or other traditional or non-traditional item-bring what you wish to share. Sponsored by the Religious Education Board, there will be no charge for brunch. Contact Winnie Stevenson at wstevenson4@gmail.com with questions.


Sunday, April 20, 9:30 am

The Many Faces of Christianity

Christianity, like all world religions, begins as a unity and rather quickly spawns variants. The big spin-offs occurred in the 11th century (the Great Schism) and in the 16th century (the Protestant Reformation), but almost from day one the fissuring began. No one knows how many Christian denominations exist today, but if you define “denomination” as a Christian entity having a specific creedal statement, a seminary(ies), a headquarters, and official publications, there are more than 200 in the United States and Canada alone, with some dying out and others springing to life.  We’ll take a look at major groups and current trends, including mega-churches and house churches. Discussion leader: Michael Anderson, former Episcopal minister.

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