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Sundays at UCE


Sunday, August 6, 10:00am – “The Gods We Worship”
In 2001, Neil Gaiman’s book American Gods captured the essence of Emerson’s warning “to be careful what we worship, for what we are worshiping we are becoming.” This summer American Gods was been made into a television series and is my “spiritual cinema” pick for the summer.

Sunday, August 13, 10:00am – “Question Box”
They say that UU churches are great at offering “questions for your answers.” On this morning, Rev. Bret Lortie will attempt to do better by addressing questions that you bring to the service. Live, in real time.

Sunday, August 20, 10:00am – “Unconditional Love: Our Annual Pet Blessing Service”
It’s bring your pet to church day! They will worship with us, sing (or bark) along, and be celebrated as the important parts of our lives they represent. At the end of the service we will bless our furred and feathered friends.

Sunday, August 27, 10:00am – “Tools for the Work of Our Hands”
Complex identities sometimes make it feel dangerous to move through the world authentically. But that very complexity can also prove an invaluable tool in our struggle for a more just world. Mandie McGlynn speaking.


Book H Bookstore

On Sunday mornings, the Book H Bookstore offers for purchase titles from the UU Bookstore and elsewhere, including UU histories & biographies, discussions of UU values & traditions, readings to promote spiritual growth, sermons & such from UU ministers, children’s UU-values oriented stories, titles promoting social justice & much more! The Book H has copies of Sunday sermons and books being read by folk in various UCE discussion groups. It provides up to a 20% discount from jacket prices, and contributes 10% of sales to the UCE operating fund.

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