January 27, 2018

From Impossible to Improbable – finding possibility in the impossible

The improbability of a planet such as ours hosting such a rich diversity of life, let alone human intelligence, is astounding. Reflecting on this improbability, we explore what else may be possible. All Ages Worship at 9:15. Religious Education class begin in the sanctuary. Service led by Rev. Eileen Wiviott


Emergency Overnight Shelter

Our hosting dates are

January 13 through January 26

Are you wondering what you can do to help those who have no warm place to return to at night? UCE is one of the 6 faith communities in Evanston providing warm shelter to those who are homeless this winter. We’ve done this in past years, and those who stay with us are always very appreciative.

Volunteer shifts include:
  • The 8-9:30PM – Set Up Cots; Prepare warm drinks, greet guests and help them get settled.
  • The 9PM-7AM – Spend the night. Generally, they have a chance to sleep, and a cot or chair is always available. They are there to assist the paid overnight staff person.
  • The 6AM.-7:30AM – Help to waken guests, move or fold up cots, clean up, serve hot drinks, and help the guests feel welcomed as they leave.
If you haven’t been to a training, please contact us and we’ll arrange to have you trained. If you have questions please contact Toni Rey at 847-847-7644. We need you and the homeless people in our area need you. Please help UCE offer this service to those who need it in Evanston.