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Christianity Discussion Group

A Christianity discussion group is being formed at UCE.  The group will have its first meeting on Thursday, September 15 at 7:15pm in room 6We will be discussing Scott McLennan’s Christ for Unitarian Universalists: A New Dialog with Traditional Christianity (Skinner Books, 2016) in the Fall, and we recommend viewing McLennan’s recent presentation on YouTube, at, before our first session.

Do you wish to learn more about and discuss Jesus of Nazareth as part of your spiritual growth here at UCE? Many Unitarian Universalists have joined our church after experiencing years in a Protestant or Catholic religious environment. Some of us have come to UCE after years of exposure to a Christianity that seemed hollow, not believable, or overly guilt inducing, leading many of us to completely reject the religion we grew up with. But has there been something left behind that we wish to revisit, some ideas we want to examine with a spiritual sensibility different than what we may have left years ago?

This group will offer an opportunity for participants to share through discussion the ideas and meaning of Jesus in a UU context. Our approach will be non-judgmental, exploring religious questions for people who may or may not believe in the divinity of Jesus.

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Feel free to contact Heike Eghardt or Brian Nielsen if you’d like more information.