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Promoting ‘the free and responsible search for truth and meaning,’ Crackerbarrel is UCE’s long-running Sunday morning discussion forum. Topics are suggested and discussions are facilitated by members of the group. Meets Sunday mornings at 9:30am. Contact: Scot Campbell, Gordon Mallett.

October 8, 2017 – “The Power of Introverts”
Do we need to give more consideration to introverts and less to extroverts.  Susan Cain raises the question in the attached TED Talks.   Discussion facilitator: Gordon Mallett

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October 15, 2017 – “Unsung Non-Heroes of Unitarian-Universalism”
We all know about the famous Unitarians like Presidents John and John Quincy Adams and William Howard Taft. But did you know that pedophile Horatio Algers, traitor Benedict Arnold and bank robber Willie Sutton were also Unitarians? Come and hear about these and others from the seamier side of our U-U heritage. Discussion facilitator: John LaPlante

October 22, 2017 – “Challenges and Opportunities in Operating a Private Operating Foundation”
Urban Autism is a private foundation serving autistic individuals after they reach adulthood. Funding comes from both government and private sources. Recently the foundation opportunistically acquired an urban farm, which fit in well with their then existing programs. We will discuss private operating foundations generally, as well as specific experiences from Urban Autism. Discussion facilitators: Julia and Michael Tracy of the Urban Autism Foundation.

October 29, 2017 – “Hurricanes — Our Disastrous Response”
Hurricanes are a fact of life. Now, with global warming, they are getting worse. But, what are we doing about them? Mike Pence is praying. Donald Trump is throwing paper towels and pulling us out of the climate agreement . The EPA is rescinding power plant rules. Better construction is not encouraged. or subsidized before the fact. Beach front property still gets disaster relief. FEMA lets supplies sit unused at San Juan ports. Puerto Rican deaths are rising due to poor response Where’s the real disaster? Are we our own worst enemies? Discussion led by Dick Whitaker.”

November 5, 2017 – “100TH Anniversary of the Russian Revolution”
November 7, 2017 is the one hundredth anniversary of the Russian Revolution (as Russia was still on the Julian calendar, the date was October 25 and thus the “October Revolution”). We will briefly review the Soviet experience with socialism from 1917 to 1992, as well as China and other manifestations. What aspects of the system have worked well and what aspects not so well? Facilitated by Scot Campbell