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Enrollment and Visitors

Each child and youth who participates in our Religious Education Program must be registered each year. Forms are available the Guest and Member Services Table in the lobby and at the Welcome Table on the lower level. Or, see below for a copy which you may print and use. Visiting children are welcome to attend. Please see the Religious Education Greeter to have your questions answered and be directed to the appropriate classroom.

Registration Form

Visitor Registration Form

Expectations of Parents

There is no fee for participation in our Religious Education Program for Children and Youth. The program is supported by the congregation as a whole through the operating budget of the church, and parents are encouraged to pledge as they are able to the annual stewardship campaign.

Parents are expected to support the Religious Education Program in which their children and youth participate by teaching classes and/or helping with other activities on a regular basis.

Parents of children who participate in Sunday Morning programming are expected to remain in the church building, and are encouraged to participate in discussion groups, classes, and worship services.