A Great Evening to end Women’s History Month at UCE!

On Saturday, March 25, the REAL team presented a program titled “Women Making Change” to focus on the accomplishments and the stories of the African American women in this community. It was attended by at least one hundred twenty people who enjoyed a hearty meal and engaged in lively discussion.

The program was designed to offer a chance for all citizens in Evanston to join together in sharing a meal, which was the particular goal of Gretchen Brewster, to discuss their ideas about the issues facing women and to hear the ideas and experiences of local African American women of note.

Dino Robinson, of Shorefront Legacy Center, opened the program with a brief history of some of the Black women leaders in Evanston. Dr. Cheryl Johnson-Odim, a prominent activist and educator, then expanded this history to a wider community and time. She was joined by JoAnn Avery of Family Focus, and Karli Butler of Curt’s Café, who shared their experiences and ideas for change in a panel discussion. Following their presentations, Representative Jan Schakowsky joined them and offered a few comments.

Information about various community programs and their needs are available for the asking. Check out the REAL bulletin board above the Lending Library cart for some ideas, or ask a REAL team member.

As always, we are indebted to the staff (who went above and beyond) and volunteers at UCE who helped make the program a success. They are: Liz Eason and Kathy Talmage, Kristi Anderson, Jane Bannor, Dana Deane, Heike Eghardt, Liz Goodwin, Paula Giroux, Lynn Kendall, Jeanne Kerl, Shannon Lang, Gay Menges, Jinny Niemann, Chris Peterson, Kate Poole, Gini Sayad, Michael Skilton, Joan Taylor, Jan Valukas and Betty Walker. Thank you!