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Hospitality Teams

Every member of the church has been invited to participate in one of 13 Teams, each team taking 4 Sundays a year to perform the roles of greeting, ushering, food prep and clean up. These larger areas are broken up to many small tasks that are easy, fun for all members of the family and take 20-30 minutes (mostly). Here is a link to a document that includes a blank sign up sheet that leaders can use and detailed instructions of all the roles. If you don’t know what team you are on, contact Rev. Eileen Wiviott at [email protected]. If you aren’t on a team but want to join one, we will gladly add you! 

Hospitality Team Sign Up Master Sheet

Collecting the Offering Instructions

Welcoming Tips and Tricks

Welcoming Nuts and Bolts

Multicultural Welcome: A Resource for Greeters