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Church Leadership

2017-2018 UCE Congregational Leadership Brochure: Congregational Leadership of the Unitarian Church of Evanston

UCE Leadership Toolkit: Guidance for Who, What, Where & How to be a successful Leader


Ever wonder:

  • What Committees & Teams are available in UCE?
  • Who do I talk to about getting reimbursed for an expenditure?
  • How do I set a meeting Agenda?
  • And much, much more…

The UCE Leadership Toolkit is an extensive written resource for you to access to know the who’s, what’s and how’s of leading a committee, team, task force or council.   It is available on the website. Go to, scroll down to tab on left “Leadership/Governance”, then choose tab “Leadership”, then “UCE Leadership Toolkit”. Scan the Table of Contents for the topic you want more information on. Get ready to be impressed with all of the resources available for you.

Room and Publicity Request: Form to submit to request a room, give setup, and specify publicity for your meeting/event.

Event Feedback Form: Form to submit after your event has concluded.

Organization Chart

Are you heading up a committee or team for UCE?

Then you need to know about this resource 


Do you head up a UCE committee or team? The Leadership Development Team (LDT) wants to make sure you are supported in that leadership role. The LDT has created the Leadership Advisor Program that matches experienced UCE leaders with any other leader who has a frustration like recruiting, engagement, succession, conflicts etc. Whether you are serving in a new leadership position at the church, you’re considering taking on a new role, or you’ve been around for a while, we want to help make your experience easier and more enjoyable.

How does the Leadership Advisor Program work? We’ve asked experienced UCE leaders to share their gifts and experiences. If you would like advice, just contact Rev. Eileen Wiviott at [email protected] to get matched with an Advisor who has “Been there, Done that.” and learned how to handle your type of leadership challenge. Then the two of you can have a confidential conversation about your concern whether it is running an effective meeting, forming a new group, budgeting or managing people issues, the Leadership Development Team will connect you with a knowledgeable Leadership Advisor to help you be successful. Our church thrives through the leadership of our members. Your role is critical and we are here to support you.