News from Denominational Affairs – GA – Part 2

Some additional reflections from UCE members who attended General Assembly (GA) in June:

From Karen Courtright:

The single most important thing for me was the courageous sermon delivered by Reverend Sinkford. The take home message was: The UUs were great allies in the ’60’s civil rights work, until they weren’t. DON’T SCREW UP THIS TIME. Stand by the movement even when it gets difficult. This is what I was thinking about when we declined to lead the action that OPAL requested (I was in Europe and could not offer to work on the issue). Too difficult because of Dallas police shootings??? I say we step into this work, and don’t step away.

From Eileen Wiviott:

I do have to say that in addition to Rev. William Barber’s electrifying sermon (I can’t call it anything else) at the rally, the Sunday morning worship service was one of the best I’d been a part of. I particularly appreciated Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd’s message of opting out of the fake fights, to continue to connect and meet across difference. Here’s the link to the Sunday morning worship:

From Barbara Ghoshal:

Besides the various General Sessions, Religious Services, and Ware Lecture, I attended seven ninety-minute programs (out of the hundreds being offered). These programs were replete with useful and surprising information for a relatively new Unitarian Universalist, and included:

  • With You at Every Turn, offered by the All Souls Unitarian Church (Tulsa), on congregational leadership tips and tools;
  • Healthy Leadership 101: New Patterns for Conflict Transformation;
  • Beyond “The Word”: Sensory-Rich Worship for Our Whole Selves, offered by the Rev. Erika Hewitt;
  • Congregational Leadership in the Interim Time, in which those connected with the Deerfield, IL church discussed their recovery process after their minister’s departure;
  • The 2017 UUA Presidential Candidates Forum, with the Rev. Jeanne Pupke, the Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, and the Rev. Alison Miller;
  • Listening to the Humanist Voices: An Open-Hearted Unitarian Universalism;and finally,
  • Creative Fundraising for Today’s Ministries, with Denny Davidoff, Jessica Cloud, and Sean Neil-Barron.