News from Denominational Affairs – GA

Several UCE members & friends attended General Assembly in Columbus, OH in June. Rather than writing one, big summary article, we chose to ask attendees about their “favorite moment” at GA.  Here’s a sampling of impressions from GA:

Also note, you can watch talks/speeches/performances, etc from GA by browsing this page.

From Martha Holman:

“High point for me was seeing many many youth and young adults amass at the microphone on the very last day to say Wait a minute! They were very disappointed in the seemingly easy dismissal of a Congregational Study/Action Issue (CSAI) on the issue of race. As was I. These young people, many of them people idolize, proposed a responsive resolution that the UUA and congregations across the country step up and act to help end racial injustice. They said “the Black Lives Matter banners are fine, “but what else will we do to work at healing, to make this country and our congregations safe for everyone? The moderator invited this large group up on stage to speak at the podium. The resolution was passed.”

From Heike Eghardt:

Two favorite moments: 1) Rev. Barber at the State of Emergence event. I particularly liked it when he told the gathered crowd that the next time we have an event like that, we should have it outside – inclement weather or not –  because we need to be visible if we want to make a difference. Watch his speech here.

2) I loved it when the angels blocking out Westboro’s message of hate.

From Peggy Boccard:

For me there were three major highlights among a host of smaller ones:the powerful message of Rev Dr William Barber at the Thursday morning address and later in the day at the racial justice rally; Bill Sinkford’s gently phrased but firm admonition to UUs to do better at the Service of the Living Tradition; Ware Lecturer Krista Tippett who reminded us that Words matter; that Listening is a social art and questions are civic tools; and to Dare to Name Love. Other joys, in no particular order, the inspired performance of Glen Thomas Rideout performing and leading the GA Choir; Dawn Clark Cooley at the Opening Celebration; the Angel Wing team in response to Westboro. The surprise winner for me: the Social Action Witness Sermon Contest Award on Friday afternoon; the only time this year we had a mass rising of the Youth Caucus and Young Adult Caucus* together to join with the Black Lives UU (BLUU) team to chastise is for weak-kneed response to action on Black Lives Matter (which left me shaken and in tears) at the end of the last Plenary on Sunday afternoon which led directly into a powerful Closing Celebration.

Additional reflections on GA will appear in future newsletters, Also, feel free to ask GA attendees questions about their experiences (at church, via email, etc.)