Pledge Drive Update

The Pledge Drive began with great excitement and great momentum from Early Bird pledgers. By now, you have seen Reverend Bret’s video telling us what we can do together.

By now, you should have received your pledge information in the mail and a Visiting Steward has probably made contact with you. It is vitally important that you share with your Visiting Steward what is important to you about UCE and the work we do. The VS wants to understand what you love about UCE, what your goals are for our future, and what you might suggest to improve your experience. And if you haven’t heard from a VS, please take advantage of signing up for a steward meeting on Pledge Day (Sunday, March 19) itself so you can share your perspectives.

As Bret said in the video, “In time like these, our impact is needed more than ever.” Not only do we want to grow spiritually and intellectually, we also want to impact positively our lives and the lives of others, to inspire others and ourselves, and to support ourselves and our mission.

In the video, Bret concludes with these words, “For me, church is a modern miracle. It is a miracle that each year so many people pool their generosity to make UCE happen. Together We Can continue to connect to our community. Together We Can position our staff to facilitate the ministry you’ve asked for. Together We Can continue to support UCE so we can support your lives and the lives of so many in our community. Yeah…Together We Can.