From the Syrian Refugee Family Team

Khalaf Family

The Syrian refugee family we are sponsoring are getting settled in. They are delightful: friendly, outgoing, eager to learn English, and to get settled in America. We have taken them shopping for clothing essentials, but we still need many specific items. If you can help, please bring your donations to the box under the coat rack at UCE. Thank you!

Clothing for the Khalaf Family

We need the following specific items for our family. Everything should be good quality and in excellent condition – 


Winter coat—long, black, xlarge
Winter gloves—black/grey, large
Leggings—black, sm/med
Boots—black, 7.5/8 and 9
Shirts/turtlenecks—muted colors, sm/med, xlarge


Jeans—49 waist/23 long
Jeans—28 waist/28 long
Jeans—31 waist/28 long
Pants—khakis/dress pants, 49 waist/23 long
Shirts—pullover/polo, muted colors, medium, xlarge
Hoodies—muted colors, medium
Sweaters—muted colors, xlarge
Shoes—muted colors, 8, 9.5, 12
Boots—black, 8, 9.5, 12
Winter gloves—black/grey, large
Winter hats—black, knitted
Winter coats—medium and xlarge


We also need a large, deep cooking pot with lid.

Note: We can shorten men’s pants if needed.