We offer composting to our members and friends in the bins on the south end of the parking lot. Please sign up and PAY for this service in the church office or on-line. The monthly fee to UCE is $5 per person, $20 max per household, payable in semi-annual and annual payments either by check or automatic payments from our website. You can compost ALL foods including meat, bones, fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, eggshells, oils and fats. You can also include compostable cups and plates, paper towels, and popsicle sticks. Remove labels from fruit skins. Click here for more information on how to bring your scraps and how to pay. Contact Erlene Howard with questions: [email protected]

You can also get a kitchen countertop bin to collect your scraps during the week from Erlene at a reduced cost of $8 sure-close bin.